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Can Colonic Irrigation Really Improve my Health ?

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Our many clients are huge fans of colonics.

But for an independent review of the benefits of colonics please click on the link below.

We would like to point out that this short 3 min clip was shown on National Australian T.V.

We are pleased to confirm the only difference (improvements) between the information shown and our machine is :

a)       Only 100 % double filtered warm water

b)       Gravity fed system; so our machine does all the work for you in a gentle and controlled way

c)       Private; giving you total control throughout the treatment

d)       Latest state of the art machine from America

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Many people will have seen the television programme "You are what you eat" presented by Gillian McKeith. In her book, Gillian McKeith recommends Colonic Irrigation as part of her detox programme. 

The intake of harmful things continue to increase. The average person in the Western world now consumes as much as 3 lbs of pesticides a year in their food.

In 1977, Elvis Presley was hospitalised with an impacted colon. One year later he was found dead in front of his toilet. Medical investigators believe his last act was, in their terms, "straining at the stool", the cause of many deaths. Elvis reputedly had more than 30 lbs of undigested waste in his body when he died.

Experts claim that the optimum transit time for food  (from mouth to bottom) should be 24 hours. Research undertaken in Cambridge found the average time in the UK is now 72 hours or often longer.

Many experts now believe that the average person has 5 to 20 lbs of accumulated waste matter in their colon.

Bowel problems can be reduced significantly if the causes are addressed before they develop. There is no question that prevention is far better than cure.

In the US, colon cancer is now the second largest cancer killer, 70 million people suffer from bowel problems and $400M a year is spent on laxatives. In the UK, 36,000 people develop cancer of the lower bowel each year. This is the third most common form of cancer in men and second most common in women.

In Scotland, the Sunday Herald reported that 1 in 3 people are now contracting cancer, particularly bowel cancer.
The paper suggested that Colonic Irrigation should become standard and available on the NHS.

Many health problems are caused by the build up of toxins in the colon.


The average colon is 5.5 - 6 feet (1.5m-2.5m) long and as shown in this diagram is not just a straight tube. The walls of the colon are 'lumpy' and 'bumpy' and waste can often sit in these pockets on the walls for a long time, despite a normal toilet routine. 

Also, if the body is dehydrated, food waste may become hard and impacted and lodged in the colon for many months, or even longer. 

When this happens, only the lower part of the colon is cleared by normal toilet functions. This can result in a build up of toxins which increase the risk of illness and health problems. 
So it is important to eat the things that are best for you and to flush out the bad toxins from the digestive system at regular intervals.

How can Colonic Irrigation Help?

Getting rid of bad toxins can help a whole range of health conditions, which have been demonstrated to benefit from colonic irrigation. The following list is not exhaustive :

                        ·         Consipation/Diarrhoea

·         IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome

·         Weak Immune System

·         Weight Problems

·         Skin problems

·         Tiredness and Fatigue

·         Flatulence/Bloating

·         Sinus Problems

·         Insomnia

·         Infertility

·         PMT     


Is Colonic irrigation just the latest fad?

Colonic Irrigation has been around since Egyption times, as a health boosting process. Although practiced through the last 20 centuries, it is the 21st Century that has seen a rise in interest, as lifestyles in today's world have brought new problems. This has brought a new interest in alternative and complementary treatments that can balance the changes in the environment, produce and diet that may have a counter effect on your health.


Many famous people have sung the praises of colonic irrigation. The most famous was perhaps Princess Diana, who swore by the process. She claimed it cured her fatigue, allergies, depression, infections, migraines and even her bulimia. She said it pumped up her energy, putting colour back in her cheeks and a new bounce in her step.

Is Colonic Irrigation just for those people with bowel problems?

Cleansing the digestive system is not only about addressing and preventing serious health issues. It is also a fact that a healthy gut means a  healthier and happier person. Seritonin is the body’s naturally produced happiness hormone, that creates the feeling of well-being. 90% of this is produced in the gut.

Almost everyone who has had a course of treatments has felt lighter, slept better and has experienced an increase of energy. For those with fatigue or fatigue related illnesses, this has been a major boost. 

If you are a regular and healthy person, the benefits may be less obvious, but could still be significant. The intake of harmful external agents is a reality in all our lives, so cleansing these is a strong preventative approach for improving long term health.


The Nutri-Cleanse Colonic Process

Colonic irrigation is a simple process of passing warm water into the colon through a thin tube, to release all the old waste.

Will I be embarrased by the treatment?

For many the whole subject is slightly embarassing; with visions of enemas or unpleasant techniques with intrusive tubing. However, this is no longer the case with today's technology. Our modern equipment provides comfort and retains privacy and dignity, while providing a relaxed and pleasant experience throughout.  

For those people who have concerns about the personal and private nature of this operation, it is important to explain how the process takes place.

At Nutri-Cleanse, the personal comfort of the client is of paramount importance to us. 

At the first consultation, the therapist will conduct a simple questionaire to establish any current problems and any conditions from which the client may benefit. 


The Libbe system uses very thin tubes that are self-inserted by the client, not in the presence of the therapist. The clients do this while sitting on the equipment and then cover themselves with a towel. The therapist comes back into the room when the client is covered and i
n this way, personal dignity and privacy are ensured.

The therapist will be present to monitor and assist in ensuring the maximum benefit is achieved. The therapist will use light massage on the abdominal area to help loosen impacted waste and to dislodge toxic waste matter sticking to the walls of the colon.

Following the treatment, the client will be able to take a shower if they wish.  

Clearly, hygiene must be of the utmost importance in the process. It is therefore of key importance that all the tubes used are disposable single use.

The process takes around 40 minutes, although the initial session will be at least 60 minutes, to allow the therapist to establish the client's current status and ensure suitability of the treatment.

It is recommended that a course of colonic irrigation is initially undertaken, involving 3-4 sessions over 10-14 days. This is because each session works further up the colon to eventually clear all the waste that has been sitting there. After this initial course, it is recommended that the client has a further session at 3-6 month intervals, to maintain a healthy colon.  

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